VETAMIN for horses powder 1.500g

Especially a functioning metabolism is particularly important for a healthy organism. Vetamin, made of natural calcium and magnesium with a high proportion of natural zeolite, offers an important contribution here - to reduce mineral deficiencies, to support the metabolism and the digestive tract, to activate the self-cleansing powers and thus to a healthier organism and better well-being. 



Ingredients per 100 g

  • Dolomite 30 g
    • calcium 6.62 g
    • magnesium 3.83 g
  • sodium 0.5 g
  • phosphorus 0 g

Additive: activated natural zeolite clinoptilolite (1g568): 70 g.

Moisture content: approx. 7


Recommended dosage

2 scoops/day (= 10g*) to be given over the feed.

*The daily amount of zeolite should not exceed 10 g.